Why is the rooikat mk1d moving up?

I dont understand this decision at all? Why do they feel like doing this? Its an above average vehicle. I am so tired of gaijin breaking up british lineups. Hope this change doesnt come through, if you think otherwise may I hear your opinions.


dont worry it will come through

If they want to move the Rooikat MK1D up to 8.7 they need to move up the rest of the current 8.7/9.0 Wheeled Light Tanks as well.

Or fix the ridiculous lack of post pen damage of the MK1D.
(On that note, bring the Olifant MK2A back to 9.0 as well)


I hear you.

Unfortunately, British players are apparently just that good. Which is ironic, goven we apparently complain about everything

Lase and 76mm Dart are a pretty potent combo, and the mobility is nothing to snivel at.

Seems to me as if Britain got done over this BR change. None of the British Jets are going down in BR, so er… yeah.