Why is the price with ga.coins higher than the price written!

well, tank coast in my money 749 turk. lira ( 24 dollar ) . i have 15 gai. coins on my account . when i want to buy it with the coins i have to buy +35 cion more , so its 50 coins and thats ( 1600 lira ) 2 times more … why !!! when i want to buy coins 1 = 1 dollar …so the coins price had to be 25 coins etc for the tank … if tis a systme failure or mistak i can understand and hope will fix…if not…than is it just a SWİNDLE to us.

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The prices for store items in GJN are 1:1 to prices in USD, they are not linked in any way to pricing in your local currency.

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it is just absurd…if u use for the tanks my local money than gaijn money have to also the same ! if gaijn money is one dollar than teh tank should be also 24 gaijin money cause the tank coast in local money that price …like said before its just a kind of swindle and nothing else.

You don’t understand how it works. Regional prices in TRY are about 50% cheaper, so in reality the tank you mentioned costs 50 usd, not 24. So the price in GJN is 50 as well.

So if you want to take advantage of the regional pricing, you have to pay in Liras, not GJN.