Why is the Kugelblitz still 7.0?

The Kugelblitz is the only vehicle in the German tree with a Battle Rating (BR) of 7.0, leaving it without a proper lineup. In contrast, the 6.7 German lineup is deficient in anti-air options, forcing players to choose between using the 6.0 Zerstörer 45 or up-tiering the entire lineup to include the Kugelblitz.

Furthermore, the Zerstörer 45 has twice the firepower at a lower BR, and the Kugelblitz’s roof armor only provides protection against non-armor-piercing rounds from aircraft. In my opinion, it doesn’t deserve such a high BR compared to the Zerstörer.

Given these points, wouldn’t it make sense to lower the Kugel’s BR to 6.7? This would make it useful in one of the most popular mid-tier BR lineup.


Honestly I have the Flakpanzer 341, which I’ll use over the Kugelblitz and I would think now that it is at 7.0, there may be less people using it and it might be pushed down.

It is in a useless position, but Gaijin knows better right? They have 3 British SPAAs all at 8.3, because…

As a spaa, Kugelblitz is good enough, it has enough armor to against rocket and 20mm guns, the only question is gaijin needs adds back the APCR shell