Why is the fps so bad,

I’ve been playing war thunder 10yrs
FPS is now so bad, the game is unplayable.
why .
i mostly play Realistic Ground.

Because with every update, they add some “gud idea” effect, that bogs down the spagetti code and adds load to the GPU, instead of fixing all the existing graphics bugs.

Its the complete opposite for me.
With my potato laptop, recently ive been having some pretty good fps just mess around in the graphics settings until you hit the sweet spot.

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recently ive been experiencing far lower fps despite also lowering graphics, i dont know if its just the maps i get that cause it or something else

Once in a blue moon i get the occasional frame drop to about 10fps for a second or 2 but then goes back up to just over 100fps again, and it only ever happens right at the beginning of the game just after spawn, but it doesnt happen much, once or twice a week. I run the game with the high quality version optimised through GeForce Experience.

All i have is an 8 core AMD cpu, 16GB ram and an RTX 2060 Super and I have no problems at all really. I built it myself 4 years ago so my rig is nowhere near superior by todays standards.

Occasional frame drops have significantly increased since the last update

You probably have a crappy computer.

Can’t say i’ve noticed on my games.

Mine hover around 25-30 and I think that is good enough.

I have AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D with RTX4070 and this game is still unable to run at 4k 144FPS without DLSS lmao. In fact I get better FPS in The Last of Us on max graphics 4k than I get on WT. Why is that?

I’d understand if it was some banger looking photorealistic high poly render game. Sure, the game is not bad looking, the vehicle models are nice, the skybox is nice. But the buildings, the ground and especially the foliage textures are downright PS2 graphics looking. The LOD distances are messed up and moving the game on to M.2 disk made this horribly noticable and straight up repulsing to say the least.

This happens because the game is downloading and applying marketplace skins onto other player’s vehicles at the start of the game. Go to menu - settings and set download additional content only in hangar. It will get rid of that issue.

To this day I still have no idea why the skins are not permanently stored on our hard drives and why we have to download them over and over again.

Thanks for that. That makes a lot of sense, and i agree they should be saved.

Just another thought. I’m Level 2 in ITC but still no expert. Could someone more knowledgable than me give their opinnion?

Could it be proccessors struggling trying to get information quick enough from the slow old style HDD (Hard Disc Drive) and not fast enough? like loading terrain textures, etc, and so on?

Could it be that I and so many others do not get as many of these problems because of running SSD’s instead of HDD’s?
I am running a 2TB SSD (Solid State Drive). It was only £75 on Amazon.
Games these days run so much better with SSD’s because they are so much quicker at transfering information than HDD’s and SSD’s have no moving parts.

Last year I had a lot of problems with running Forza Horizon 5. Took 3 or 4 minutes to load up the game, and I would get freezes with a message on screen saying that my “bandwidth” was not good enough. So in November last year I went on Amazon and bought an SSD to replace my old HDD. Now, Forza Horizon 5 loads up in 30 to 60 seconds and my bandwidth problems are long gone.

No more problems with any of my games i play. Unless it is program related, which a lot of people get.