Why is the F16ADF and MLU such a brick and heavier compared to the A despite

deaspite having larger elevators
being an “improved” further version
have no a2g capabilities (so to speak no extra armor or reinforcement for high payload) this means the airframe should be just a tad heavier because of extra a2a warfare hardpoints on the body, not 300 damn kilograms heavier

in a 1v1 vs the mig29, the f16adf has very little chances unless the mig29 commits a mistake. For instance, f16a adf doesn’t have the privilege to hold speed without spamming W (thus considerably enlarging your turn radius and thus giving your six to the mig29), the A instead can just hold 650 ias without problem with some W tapping because the aoa wont kill it’s speed as much. The F16ADF has a very little time frame where it performs 28.5 degrees per second of turn rate, where the A performs a constant time obnoxious 34 degrees per second with little speed loss, unable to get lower from 560kmh.