Why is the f15 missing the BOL chaff/flare pods

this is stuff saying the f15 used the BOL pod

source1 https://www.saab.com/contentassets/b6dbecc8e8574587b91116a778fcd20a/saab-bol-product-sheet.pdf

source2 Countermeasure dispensing systems | Saab

source3 Finnish AF Tests BOL Countermeasures Dispenser

source 4 https://media.defense.gov/1998/Jan/15/2001715534/-1/-1/1/98-047.pdf

source 5 Successful first flight for BOL countermeasures dispensing system on F-18 in Finland


Idk. But it would be cool to recieve even some nerfed flares

Thats cool and all but the F15A isnt mentioned in a single one of these.
Actually, there isnt Any model of F15 specified, just “F15”
In one of the sources , its stated that testing started in 1996 , long after the F15A was replaced by other variants

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Well here we are with the F-15C being added soon, and still no BOL pods on any American jets aside from the bombcat.