Why is the F-5E going to 11.0 to begin with?

So the F-5E with 2 aim9j will go to 11.0 but the premium j35xs with 6 aim9j and arguably better performance gets to keep being a menace at 10.7

Furthermore, I don’t think the F-5E deserves to be put on the same level as a J7E either, which has 4 great missiles and better flight performance

Because unlike F5E J35XS doesnt have any sort of RWR, limited countermeasures (only 12), one gun with 120 rounds without any tracer rounds and it doesnt have bs damage model or energy retention like F5E have.

Not to mention J35XS can be accesible by many unexperienced players because it only requires to open your wallet F5E on the other hand requires certain amount of time and experience which usually leads getting played by better players.

İm not supporting increasing F5E’s br but J35XS certainly dont need any kind of br increase as Well.


If you’ve never played the J35XS, it’s really difficult to put into words how miserable the cannon is and how that negatively shapes your experience and performance.

The gun is:

  1. Low velocity (800 m/s when others are usually over 1000m/s)
  2. Tracerless (You can’t see the trajectory or correct for lead)
  3. Low capacity (120 rounds)
  4. Offset! (It’s mounted off to the right)
  5. You have one, and it’s rate of fire is comparatively low.

All of these factors combined means you can’t rely on the gun for anything, except maybe finishing off enemies who stall right in front of you (even that’s a maybe).

This means you can’t do anything in head-on engagements, you’ll have to get behind the enemy and hope they won’t flare (they will). To get kills you essentially have to play like a rat, hanging out a couple kilometers away from the furball and yeeting missiles at enemies who show their rear to you. Enemies who have more than half a brain cell will of course try to avoid this.

If you get killed by one it means you were:

  1. Not paying attention (You should have flared the missile)
  2. Flying in a straight line (Dodging the guns of this thing is easy)
  3. Stalled out

It’s perfectly fine where it is (10.7)

Better question would be why isnt F-5C being moved to 10.7.


sadly they pull the stats down, but all premium vehicles are affected by that and mostly in high to top tier

Honestly I think the F-5E should be given 2x Aim-9Ls to help cope with uptiers. The missiles were used in training in aggressor aircraft, and when we have planes like the Kfir C.2 at 11.0 as well with 2x Python-3s, it kinda makes sense to do this. Anyone think otherwise? Would love to hear some counter arguments…

Imagine being F-4C and seeing F-5E with Limas making its way to you.

Sorry but entiriety of 10.0 would be playing survival horror against F-5E with Limas.


Or not. The F-5E is one of the best 11.0’s in the game as it is currently.

Yet they already deal with the Kfir C.2 and highly maneuverable missiles on an airframe that can easily catch the phantom. Should this also go up in BR?

(There’s also the fact the 10.0 phantom should have flares too lmao)

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It got absolutely massacred in any form of uptier last time it was 11.0. It’s just one of those planes that doesn’t quite fit in either 10.7 or 11.0 from what I’ve seen. The lack or radar guided missiles and small armament as well as slow speeds in comparison to other aircraft above and around the battle rating puts it in a horrible spot

You mean it has to learn to face uptiers, same as every other 11.0 in the game.

It will be perfectly fine at 11.0.


  • Kfir is delta wing

  • Kfir has less flares

  • Kfir C2 is event vehicle and rare one at that, and recieved its pythons long after the even during which it was obtainable

Just because such outlier exists, it does not justify giving a plane with cracked FM, that is TT and much more accessible, an all aspect missile at BR where it would absolutely stomp in a downtier.

F-5Cs are already hard to kill if in hands of experienced pilot, and F-5E just improves upon C in every way.

Theres reason F-5E is being moved up, and i unironically think giving it Limas would eventually make it end up even higher.

Moreso i dont think there are many, if any, planes between 10.0 and 11.0 that can match F-5E in dogfight.

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That was also during a period when top tier was at 12.0 so it would see almost nonstop uptiers, with the BRs being decompressed to 12.7 I can’t see what the F-5e would struggle against other than having to mow the lawn against R-24/R-27, but every plane has to do that.

The strength in the F-5E lies in it’s manoeuvrability, speed and the guns. It’s extremely OP and fits the META at its BR perfectly. Gunfighting, strafing and dogfighting with its high ammo count means that you’ll always get tons of kills should you wish to use the plane that way.

The low IR silhouette, with the powerfull engines and tons of flares, means that you can dodge any IR missile easily if you know what you’re doing. Even most Radarmissiles can be outmanoeuvred because of your flight model.

The J35XS, while very powerful, relies heavily on it’s loadout and requires far more skill to get good at and survive in the current ARB Meta.

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as long as people can’t stop dogfight F5E, it will go up 12.7 LMAOF, same thing happed with a6m5


You have a extremely good FM for 10.7 that easily slots behind anything, the gun may be hard to use but you get plenty of easy gun solutions, you turn well, sustain rate similar to a F-5E, have extremely good 1C performance and on top of that you have very good acceleration for that BR, so nothing can really escape once you slot on their six.

On top of that, It faces a lot of flareless planes while having 6 good missiles, and some jets have trouble flaring those on rear aspect at close range even at 0 throttle

The fact that general consensus is that the F-5E deserves 11.0 but the J35XS doesn’t is amazing

It makes more sense in my mind to give it access to the two extra pylons done via foreign modification but with the same missiles.

What about giving AIM-9P-4 or AIM-9Ls?
It would still makes sense as well since Kfir C.2 that has x2 Python-3 is sitting at 11.0BR.


well its not moving up now

The new list dropped?