Why is the A2D-1 Prop plane at 9.0 in Arcade (7.0 in Realistic)?

It does not go faster than jets… It does not have countermeasures… It does not have air to air missiles… It does not have any computers for dropping bombs / rockets / cannon rounds etc.

…With an uptier it’s fighting SU-25s 😂

I’m confused, is this a typo on its rank or something?

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It farmed the heck out of bombing points in AB mode, so it shot up to 9.0 BR one day.

People used to use it’s high performance to climb so high enemies wouldn’t bother going after you. Then just rain kaboom on bombing points for the rest of the match, gaining them huge rewards.

And now noone touches it in air AB because it’s a rare event vehicle so will never have its statistics tanked to drop back down? It’s a slightly better wyvern. I think it’s time for some manual intervention from the Snail.

it’s a premium aircraft,… not an Event vehicule,… and it basically ruined both AB and RB for more than 9 months despite BR changes


Wasn’t aware that happened, but despite its history… Lots and lots of other modern stuff has been added to the game since then which makes its BR in air arcade asinine. Battle ratings aren’t “punishment” for past wrongs, they’re meant to be balancing a vehicle based on current vehicles it faces.

It’s currently facing mid-late Cold War jets with 0 ability to fight back. Here are a small selection of some of the stuff it faces in its own tier as well as an uptier:

…Again it’s a 1950s Prop plane with dumb bombs, dumb rockets and WW2 era 20mm.

It’s 7.0 in Realistic Battle which is the BR it should be in Arcade instead of 9.0

Well if people bother to shooting it down it’s BR would drop.


Arcade physics and bombs.

Not even that,… but manage to kill it, overall,…

I guess if noone plays it, because they know it’s a waste, then there is noone to shoot down and it will not go down in BR. Kind of needs the Snail to be logical and step in here…

Lots of bombs, amazing acceleration, and great turn time, all something early jets don’t have, plus like 6-8 12.7’s with a lead indication are good.

Play it in the tier it’s in then come back to comment please.

…It’s like being a house cat in a cage with lions. I’ve killed a jet in it, the guy shot all his missiles in random directions then tried to turn fight me at ground level where I had a bit better turning. But I’ve also killed a jet in a biplane and that does not mean biplanes should be 9.0.

It’s not in a tier with “early jets” it’s in a tier with mid-late cold war jets… All of which outclimb, turn and accelerate away from it. It’s engines overheat, it has no counter measures vrs jets that all have AA missiles. It has no bomb computer or smart bombs, it has no cannon ballistic computer, it has no smart missiles, no AA missiles, it’s got dumb bombs that other jets have in the same or greater quantities.

Again, 9.0. It’s a prop plane.

9.0 (arcade) yes, if you play arcade, then yet again, yes, it’s gonna suck. Just play realistic battles ig. Facing AIM-9B’s is a joke btw, all you gotta do is pull a tight spiral and it will throw off the seeker.

So you agree it’s in the wrong tier for arcade then? That’s all the thread is about, not which game mode I should play 😝

No, because you get a lead indicator, and decent guns, just learn to get better ig. I’ve flown it in test flight, and played against it, it is decent when the user knows what they’re doing, also, you chose the worst premium aircraft in the game probably.

Edit: forgot to mention, it’s not a “prop” it’s called a Turbo-Prop, because it’s powered by a Jet Turbine engine with a shaft, just like a helicopter. It’s pretty much just a KA-50 on its side lol, seriously tho, it’s a pretty decent plane because of maneuverability and acceleration.

It’s still a prop my man let’s not be pedantic about it… A Wyvern isn’t 9.0. You don’t get any indicator any other prop has so with your logic then a B-25 should be in 9.0 as well. And I’m sure a “good player” could own with a B-25 in 9.0 too but does it justify it being in 9.0?

The plane is 7.0 in realistic. It’s 9.0 in arcade.

I assume you mean the B-25J Mitchell. It’s because the Mitchell doesn’t have the acceleration, bomb load, and flight performance of the A-2D Skyshark. Besides, BR’s are reflective of player performance, so it must just be you with this issue, or the BR would be lower.

You said earlier that people would have a bad time in Arcade playing the plane and they should play in Realistic (where its BR is 7.0). Why are you backtracking on that?

Someone in the thread earlier said when this plane first came out people were flying high with it bombing bases, it got massively up tiered. Since it came out years ago a lot of new planes have been added… A lot of modern planes. It is not flown in 9.0 because there’s no point and thus its BR will not drop if it is not played without the Devs intervention.

I’m sure I do suck, but go play it yourself.

Just look at the vehicles stats you showed me, and get back to me.

I did, the only thing it beats that plane in is turn time. I just picked one of the random planes it could face that is its own tier. Shall we try an uptier?

This isn’t some massive argument you “have to win” bud, you yourself said:

…Which is all the thread is about.

Well, idk then, just don’t play Arcade then, or complain to gaijin enough to get it fixed.

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