Why is the a10a paper mache?

Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not but why the heck is the a10a made out of paper mache? I dont want it to tank missiles or anything but why when i lose one trim surface does it become completely unresponsive. It has happened too many times to count. like i take almost no physical damage and lose one flap and now I cant do anything with the plane and it just dips to the ground and nosedives. its really frustrating. at least let us keep control. there is publicly available evidence of it being able to handle more than that. just let me still control it that is all I want. GRRR.

and as proof.
Pilot brings battle-damaged A-10 home safely > Air Force > Article Display

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Well, you’re considering Real-life event with Atomic level of Damage model to In-Game event using section Damage model.

All damage from the fragments of the missile are applied to a full section, so multiple fragment hitting the same section is likely to destroy the section.

But In-Real-Life, those fragments wouldn’t destroyed the A-10.

Now considering that a Game still is a Game, you might be able to understand that this very specific feature is the same for everyone.

That’s also why WWII fighters are far more resistant than Bomber, because the volumetric section is Two
or Three time bigger on bomber than on Fighters.

In such, F-5 aircrafts with the very slight cross section is able to withstand much more damage than A-10.

The problem is applyable to every aircrafts, and is the following:
Aircraft are modeled the same without considering size or anything else.

For exemple B-17 Bomber would benefit to have it’s wing having 4/5 section, but today, it’s only 2 section.

So,… despite best efforts we can’t have the IRL level of Damage Level (unless you have Su-25,…)

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Also… USAF stated that the attrition of A-10’s would be far more than expected if an All-Out war against Russia happened, 60 A-10’s/day would be lost.

The full amount of A-10’s being 715 aircrafts (in which 5 of them were lost in Operation Desert storm, in which american used both massive amount of aircrafts in order to overwhelm Iraqi defenses)

So 715/60 → less than 12 days to destroy all A-10’s

In such A-10 are considered to be easily destroyed, even if there is fighters to cover them

So… having some events in which the aircraft withstand high amount of damages isn’t explainning how USAF planned to loose every A-10’s in 12 days.