Why is HESH still in this horrific state

It’s cool. I know that things get misinterpreted in these disucssions. I also know a missile as large as the Maverick would absoluetly destroy any tank that it hit, but Warthunder doesn’t make as much sense most of the time. I wish it did, because things like Realshatter did nothing but shatter my hopes and dreams, but I digress.


ERA gives additional protection against CE but is not always capable of stopping CE ammo, depending on angle. For example, 105mm HEATFS against tanks with Blazer ERA can penetrate through the ERA if the angle is perfect. Stronger ammo can go through K-1 ERA at shallow angles too.

The problem with the AGM-65 is just the anemic penetration and disabled overpressure. Both of which were knee-jerk nerfs.

He was talking about the T-90, in which there are 3. I’m going to base this off of the T-90M. It is supposed to have Relickt ERA, which is supposedly twice as effective as Kontakt 5. Kontakt 5 is rated for 600mm of protection from HEAT warheads. So that brings our total ERA protection to 1200mm, which is much more than the 830mm of penetration for the AGM-65D. That means the ERA should always stop a Maverick if the ERA is hit directly regardless of location. Also, if you look in the protection analysis it can stop Mavericks on the turret cheeks without the ERA. I can’t see the T-90M with the ERA package installed and I honestly don’t think I need to. The math is pretty simple.

Please note: This is all Warthunder based, not real life. I don’t care what else does what in real life. The whole reason I said anything was to explain the difference of a Maverick failing to kill a T-90 by hitting the turret ERA and why the S-25O can overpressure in similar situations. All I did was try to explain game mechanics, no more. Not trying to debate anything outside of these mechanics.

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American tanks have rounded turrets with mediocre side armor that makes it easier to lash BESH onto

Honestly, would HESH really be too strong if you pen successfully into the crew compartment with it and overpressure then triggers from the blast force? Say for example you used L7 HESH on a T-54-51 front plate, and because it penetrated the tank, overpressure triggers, and the tank dies (as it rightfully should, given combat reports from Korea of North Korean tankers hit with just 90mm HESH having bleeding ears and thus totally losing combat effectiveness, nevermind 105mm or bigger).

Sure, some things with it like the Vickers MBT and Centurion Mk 10 might go up (again), but I just don’t see how making HESH actually work as intended would truly break anything.


Go to the 3.40 mark of this video from the Tank Museum and you shall see what 183mm HESH does to a tank. https://fb.watch/q8KxaAI7Nl/