Why is Gaijin making all our new Swedish ww2 vehicles premium? Can we stop them!

Let’s unite as a community and address the concern about Gaijin making all our new Swedish WWII vehicles premium. It’s time for the players to come together, raise their voices, and collectively urge Gaijin to reconsider this decision. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that the gaming experience remains inclusive for all players. Vote for change, and let’s stop this trend!

  • Gaijin make us regular players have our planes that we deserve!!

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Let’s see, SAV Autoloader->hidden however was a premium pack vehicle, makes sense why it would be a premium so that not everyone obtains it cause good damn its broken in performance and i mean this in a good sense.

Other Early and during when WW2 was ongoing Sweden was neutral. Nevertheless, many of their vehicles were given after the war. One more thing to mention, some are just copied and pasted from the tech tree. With very little difference in performance to the tech tree one or might just have a different camo or minor exterior model changes.

well the J9 in the current event would have been an amazing addition to the TT

It’s a Sikorsky P-35 that was redesignated. However, the one in the event is an early model. So no it wouldn’t make any difference. It would also perform incredibly poorly. All P-35s would. Sincerely Sinister.

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