Why is FW 190 A5 at BR 4.7?

The FW190 A5 has a BR of 4.7 in air RB and has almost identical performance to the FW190A4 which has a BR of 4.0 in air RB. The only difference between the two is the A5 gets 2 werfergranate rockets. I cannot see why the A5 is at 4.7 it is seriously outclassed and the much better FW190 D9 is at 5.0.

This plane should be moved down to 4.3 or better 4.0. It is not a meta plane as it has below average climb rate at 4.7 and it has poor turn ability. At 4.7 it is in the same bracket as La7 (outturns, outclimbs, faster), Yak 9U (outturns outclimbs and faster), A6m5 (outturns and outclimbs). In a game where climb rate and agility are meta it is also out performed by planes at 4.3 like the yak 3, spitfire IX, and J2M2.


Fw 190 A5 also has waaay inferior flight model to any other Fw 190.
A8, F8 and A4 all are way better aircraft at the moment.

Gaijin is selectively introducing “updated flight models” with way more high speed compression. Unfortunately this applies only to select few aircraft. As a result the aircraft with new FMs are greatly inferior to overwhelming majority of aircraft that have old FM which f.e. allows A6M5 to pull 13-14G at around 680 IAS.


As i fight against all of your listed 190s and the mentioned adversaries daily, i fully agree with your assessment. The reason why the BR it is that high might be a result of pilot habits.

As long as potential enemies in superior planes and positions are happy to accept totally unnecessary headons with them i see little to no chance for a lowering of the current BR.

Same with the A-8/F-8s - if they were flown by experienced pilots 3-5 kills for them with forced headons whilst using the air spawn are very common to see.

Imho the 190 A-9 is still missing as actual WW2 plane despite being suggested ages ago…

Yes, imho the already mentioned hidden FM changes (just check old forum) and the not really convincing implemented agility of 190s are not really helpful too.

The 190s were irl according to combat reports and evaluation flights much closer to 109s below 5.800 m than modelled in the game (so much more agile and not that brick at lower speeds) - but this is also extensively discussed in the old forum.

Imho you can outrun the Yak-3 above 5km - but usually they come in with a massive alt advantage, so it takes ages to neutralize this and even longer to extend and gain enough separation for turning into them and build up speed again.
J2M2 is just another plane in the game that sucked in its intended role irl and somehow fits almost perfect into the WT meta…


They really ruined the 190s with the last round of flight model changes.

Only the A1 flies anything like ‘enjoyable’.

The rest of them are one trick head-on machines.

From the reading I’ve done, they should be far more nimble at low/mid alt.


Gaijin doesn’t add many ww2 planes anymore except c&p and premiums. WW2 tanks are still getting added, but there are more ww2 planes missing than ww2 tanks.


Unfortunately you are totally right. And even if they would implement the A-9 as a premium - why investing 30€/$ in a flawed product?

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I find A8/F8 and A4 still being kinda OK. However, A5/U2 used to by my favourite 190 and this is no longer the case.
In F8 I am succesfully dogdighting F2Gs, P-47s and Tempests and often P-51s. In A5 you basically can’t do anything vs Yak-3, which is faster, better climbing, has better maneuvrability at almost every speed and insane energy fighting capabilities.
F8 at least has airspawn and is prwtty competitive at v. high speed (600+ IAS).


The F8/A8 are only ‘OK’ because of the air-spawn.

Remember how OP the Hitlerbolt was with an air-spawn? Now it’s complete trash.

But the shift to BR 5.0 killed them for me, as I refuse to get sucked into the 6.0 JU288 blackhole.

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The MM is bad, but still I got pretty damn good kills per battle average in Air RB just by spamming this plane. So it has its advantages

My point is, Fw 190 F8 can fly circles around Fw 190 A5. Does it make any sense? Nooope.

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