Why is bombers so weak?

Bombers like B17, b29 and such are so WEAK. it can be killed by like 10 basic 20mm cannons from a bf109??? there are multiple videos of bombers eating multiple high caliber guns (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ759tQkjxU, bf110 shooting B17) . i mean there was a literal B17 that survived a kamikaze and went back to base and landed??

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i just realised the video is a remake of a real video but yk

https://youtu.be/iyJAlsJAbZw?si=caS7d8pDkjhzrxmL, here is the actual video

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Your thread deals with the same issue like this thread:

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I think bombers can tank quite a number of hits.

It’s just that 20mm Mineshells still don’t use realShatter making them more destructive to planes in general.

If Gaijin finally implements realShatter for them, they would become a lot less effective in destroying bombers, since they won’t be that effective anymore in destroying their structure.

Right now, 20mm Mineshells can easily blow off a bombers wing, or even their tail with enough hits by just damaging the structure enough, even though Mineshells don’t even damage spars with direct hits in-game.

For attacking large bombers the best load-out for the MG 151/20 should be 50% Incendiary rounds, since they have a high chance to set bombers on fire.
Mineshells should be lethal to fuel tanks as well, but they require direct hits since they don’t produce effective fragments. Hits to the fuselage would be quite ineffective.

So instead of only using Mineshells, you would want a 50:50 mix of Mineshells and Incendiary shells in order to set the bomber on fire.
Of course that would also require for Gaijin to adjust the efficency of 20mm Incendairy rounds, since they are quite uesless compared to .50cal Incendiary ammunition in-game.

Only 30mm Mineshells should hit hard enough to blow tails and wings off.

Be nice if the Great Snail would listen … πŸ™„