Why i cant see any bullets, flars, bombs, rockets, agtms etc on serverreplays?

for example sometimes i want to enjoy my skill issue from the opponents pov.
But i cant see any things from the topic heading. In the past it was very interessting, but for now its just a crap replay how tanks and planes move.

Or did i miss something?

Yeah for some reason its been this way for at least 2 months but no one has said anything about it…

We’re just used to this type of low quality experiences, like having SPAA get launched randomly, newly implemented vehicles being completely broken, water physics not working, every update they just break a 1000 things and then they can proudly announce how they fixed a 100 things later.

Thats realy sad. I mean it was kind of learning or just enjoying a good round and u want to look how it was on opponents pov. Or fights between spaas and planes.

Now you see only an invisible explosion without sounds or invisible SAM. I dont have the possiblity to test drive each tank and dont know how the weapons can perform.

For example TOR-1, I dont know how the radar works or how the automatic guidance form the missle works. I tried to look on the replay but u see only a slience fight. I cant see which manover would doge the missile or what the limitation is and youtube isnt always a good thing

As soon as you jump into the replay, click “Restart” in the escape menu.

Usually fixes it.