Why hasn't the Phantom FGR.2 got the AIM-9L missile?

At the RAF museum in UK you can find a stand where it describes the weapons fitted to the Phantom FGR.2 and there it says that from 1976 the Phantom FGR.2 was fitted with Aim 9L’s witch means that it was introduced 2 years faster than the SKYFLASH missile that the Phantom FGR.2 carries in game.
My question is why isn’t the Aim 9L given to the Phantom FGR.2?

(Here you have the photo from the museum)

Because according to Gaijin it would be too OP.

Then why does the Kurnass have them and python 3’s? 0_0

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its the same season why the F-4F has just J´s… balance…

Cause they don’t have radar missiles, and it’s under-BR’d due to players.

The Kurnass doesn’t have radar missiles? WOW than that is balancing at it’s finest. 0_0

The F.3 and FGR.2 are the same BR despite the F.3 being better in every way but turn rate so adding the 9L’s to the phantom will instantly make it 12.0 according to gaijin


Yeah but then why does the mig 23 have IRL missiles (witch are overperforming) and the next update IRL flight performance when the Phantom is nerfed only because of “Balance”. Doesn’t seem fair to me.

Mig-23 doesn’t have overperforming missiles though.
Mig-23’s radar missiles are Skyflash equivalents, and its R-60Ms are arguably worse than AIM-9Gs.

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Are you saying a R24R is equiv to a Skyflash DF?
Incredibly generous assessment imo.

Both are X range missiles with Y maneuverability fired from a radar that is either PDV or MTI.

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It was given Python 3 when it lost access to its radar missiles. Besides that it sits at a higher BR than the British Phantom’s.

That update to the flight model is a nerf, not a buff.

R-24Rs are vastly superior to Skyflash DFs when used within 10km. SkyFlash DF and R-24Rs are about equal past 10kms. Though at more extreme ranges (ranges you’d literally never ever use either at, Skyflash DF eeks out slightly ahead)

(of late ive had issues with Skyflash DFs tracking properly with the PDV mode on the Phantoms, but not done a deep enough dive yet to see a cause / submit a bug report if there is an issue)

An R-60M is all-aspect which means you can fire in any aspect

Aim-9G is rear-aspect only. Meaning to use one against a target, such as the Mig-23, you have to place yourself behind the target. The Phantom FGR2 is not a high mobility dogfighter and the MLD will usually out-turn you. This limits the effectiveness of these IR missiles.



You’re not using R-60Ms for front aspect cause their flare sensitivity, so they’re just standard R-60s you can fire at AI easier.
So that leaves rear-aspect performance.

The reason the FGR-2 doesn’t have AIM-9L is that, of course, statistically it is performing fine so it doesn’t “need” them, and another reason is that it gets vastly better engines and a vastly better cannon in exchange for worse radar missiles while having the same IR missiles.

and how would that be any different to Aim-9Ls?

You know the engine difference is major enough to deserve much worse radar missiles right

Also the F4J(UK) is the same BR and doesn’t get the better engines and still has the worse missiles

9Ls have slightly better range