Why hasn't the Italian bomber branch expanded?

Since the introduction of Italy, the bomber branch has remained intact since 2017, I think it’s time to add new aircraft to this branch,
It is the most scarce branch of planes and we have all played them so many times that it is a bit boring, when Italy has many options for new bombers both premium and normal branch.


I am going to put some examples that would make the branch much more interesting:
1: S.M.82 “Marsupiale”: 3.7-4.0 BR 4000kg in bombs and (4) machine guns
2: S.M.84: 2.3-2.7 BR, 1000 KG in bombs or 2 torpedoes, (4) machine guns
3: P.32: 1.3-1.7 BR, 1 600 kg in bombs (5) Machine guns
4: P.50: 2.7-3.0, 2 400 kg in bombs (5) Machine guns
5: CANT Z.1018a Leone: 3.7-4.0 BR 1550KG in bombs (4) machine guns
6: Ca.133: 1.0 BR 2 500 kg in bombs (4) machine guns
7: Ca.135: 3.0 BR 1 600 kg in bombs (4) machine guns
8: Piaggio P133: 4.3-4.7 BR 4,800 kg in bombs (4) machine guns and (6) 20mm

All these designs could make the Italian bomber branch much better and fun, giving variety and better bombers and it’s a bit ridiculous that bombers don’t go above 3.7 BR and none one have been introduced since 2017.


One could also add the various hydro-bombers.

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you are absolutely right, even improved versions of the bombers we already have, but I wanted to expose new traditional bombers

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Maybe captured bomber.

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I fully support the idea. There can also be modern bombers such as Grumman SF2 Traker (5.0), BR1150 (6.0), F104S CB(with only bombs and rokets) (10.7), F104S ASA CB (same as the previous S) (11.0) and a Tornado with only bombs (maiby the One before the guided bombs upgrade). Other possibility are the Captured B24, the SM79 ARP and others.

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Mhm - i like every approach to add more Italian planes (or in this case bombers) but i can’t see any fun in playing them as the wt meta is at least for Air RB marked by an anti-bomber attitude. I mean the BR 3.7 for the P 108b is a joke as almost every bomber above BR 3.0 is just fighter food.

In addition you have to consider that nations like Italy or Japan are flown by better pilots (on average) - this leads in combination with fewer Italian pilots to the fact, that Italian planes are overtiered and have usually much higher repair cost - whilst facing technically superior and way undertiered enemies.

So i support any suggestions for more planes, but i doubt that gaijin invest a hell of time and money in prop bombers as they earn money with jets…

Although they are not meta and you do not like to play them, they seem pleasant to play and it bothers me that in almost 6 years they have not bothered to add even 1.

Completely agree, it would make the branch super interesting

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