Why hasn't the Bofors 40mm muzzle flash been reduced, and the Lvkv 42 still supports the entire 5.0 - 6.7 AA Line?

“Kings of battle” update, Sweden gets the Pbv 501, essentially a BMP-1 stripped of its guided missile and auto-loader. It’s a head-scratcher, I tell you! But here’s the kicker: the Swedish 5.0-6.7 AA Line? Well, it’s practically as mythical as unicorns at a tea party. And guess what? Other minor nations are in the same boat, desperately needing some anti-aircraft support. It might seem like a minor gripe, but close air support (CAS) at around 6.0 is a complete mess because we’re left high and dry without any decent self-propelled anti-aircraft options!

Also, the Lvakan 48 is still stuck with L60 ammunition, and it’s supposed to be the BOFORS L70 – just like the one on the AMX-13 DCA 40 and the Leopard 40/70. You’ve got it right with those vehicles, so why not fix this already?

And what’s the deal with that blinding flash every time you shoot the darn 40mm Bofors gun? I can’t shoot down planes unless they’re practically sitting on my lap or doing a head-on pass. That thing on the end of the 40mm Bofors barrel? It’s not a flashlight; it’s supposed to help us aim at planes! I mean, are we trying to light up the night sky for a disco party up there or what? It’s like we’re sending Morse code to the enemy: “Incoming aircraft, alert the dance floor!” It’s time for a little less razzle-dazzle and a lot more function!

Edit1: my reports on the issues page.