Why hasn't Gaijin given Israel Popeye or Rampage?

Other nations like US or USSR have standoff missiles like Kh-38 or Mavericks, and yet Israel who also has, and is in need of standoff weapons on a 4th gen plane doesn’t. Israel’s only AGM-65s are on the Kurnass 2000, but F-4s aren’t really competitive in flight model and also lacks a good targeting pod.


The Barak II has the GBU-15(V)2/B, which is pretty good. It has an IIR seeker and it’s a bomb importantly, so it can’t be shot down by proxy fuse missiles. Combining both big damage and long range tracking ability. Glide range is also very good.

Idk how many popeyes can be carried at a time either tho, if it’s more than 2 then I think it would indeed be a good addition here. The Kurnass isn’t that bad either, it’s 11.3 afterall, a whole entire BR range and even more away from the planes you are comparing it to.

In sim the K2K is unfortunately in the top rotation. Also I can’t get the GBU-15 to lock from very far at all.

Netz have mavs, what are you on about. Barak have 8 GBU-12s.

Can’t speak much for sim, but that’s unfortunate yes. The GBU-15(V)2/B has the same seeker as the AGM-65D/G, should be able to track targets from at least 10km roughly, in some cases further even.

Well, those are only 65Bs, usable but not great. No pod either makes it rather awkward to use with the no color and fixed high zoom sight. GBUs aren’t exactly perfect for super long range either, they work for the medium-long ranges, but 10km+ becomes more tricky. It’s doable with tossing, the laser seeker range is kinda low so you need to be somewhat accurate. But it’s a far cry from things like the GBU-24 (or other bombs with IOG) or IIR seekers. But then again, the Barak has the GBU-15 with IIR seeker.

Doesn’t US also use Popeye? And I feel like US companies had some involvement in the Popeye missile maybe only for US version tho.