Why Hasn't Britain, Germany, or Italy Gotten Their Native SPH Yet?

On behalf of people who play Germany, Britain, and Italy, I really think it’s unfair that you don’t get to play in your native SPHs.

It’s kind of an unwritten rule at this point but observationally it’s clear every nation has to have at least one SPH.

Britain has the South African G6 Rhino and export Paladin. Why not add their FV433 Abbot? It’s technically classified as an “SPG” but still functions as artillery like an SPH.

Germany has the export Paladin. Why not the PzH 2000?

Italy has the Hungarian 2S1 and export Paladin. I’m surprised they’ve held back on adding their Palmaria SPH especially since they decided to add the Argentinian TAMs to the game which actually use the Palmaria turret.

Some people might say “well maybe their native SPHs are too modern”, but if that’s so why have the VIDAR? Especially as a premium? Sweden already had the Bkan, their native vehicle, just for an export version of the South Korean K9 Thunder to take the modernized spotlight under their tree. I’m only mentioning the VIDAR not as a means of saying it’s overpowered or anything of that sort, but because of the fact that it’s a very modern SPH the other nations in the game should also be able to meet that standard.

When the Paladin was added to the game I was considerably disappointed. We got an early version of it (the M109A1) that works extremely well for its BR, don’t get me wrong, but they had potential to be better. And it’s especially insulting when the export variants went to trees that still long for their own SPH.

I was wondering if anyone else had similar thoughts to this. This discussion isn’t meant to spark debate or to claim bias of any sort.


It takes a lot more time to create a whole new vehicle for each country than to copy-paste one vehicle family into every tree, and Gaijin is spending most of their energy on shiny top tier vehicles. Hopefully these soon instead of more powercreep bs.


Yeah that’s 100% true. It’s easier and cheaper just to copy paste Paladins to multiple nations and shorten the barrel slightly on a couple to appease the average player base while they’d rather focus on the shiny top tier stuff currently because not only does it help garner hype, but that hype earns them money. For example, the 292 craze recently. When they said they’d be changing up how earning event vehicles worked my friends and I genuinely believed that we’d be seeing unique vehicles from all eras and so far already the first two event vehicles are both extremely good high/top tier vehicles. This means we have to put in maximum effort for the vehicle and coupon because it’s fated to be an expensive marketplace vehicle to benefit Gaijin themselves.


It was a real shame we got the M109 instead the AS-90. I half get the Abbot. Its 105 gun and I think HESH would leave it maybe under-powered (until they fix HESH) but no excuse for the AS-90


That being said. The Abbot is the same chasis as the Swingfire already in our tree. So its half built already. There are a lot of native vehicles missing from the British tree that share a chasis with a vehicle already located in our tree like the Scimitar and Scorpion use the same chasis as the Stormer and Striker.

So whilst yes, some would need a lot of dev time, others, not as much


Going away from Modern stuff, most nations dont really have the classic SPHs yet.
Germany (not gonna list them here because so many) i allready suggested so many. Wespe or Hummel.
Italy didnt really have stuff beyond their StuG counterparts (and C&P)
GB Saxton
USA Bishop
Russia got some stuff

And don’t forget the Ho-Ni II

WWII medium and heavy SPGs are some of the vehicles I’m hoping for most ngl
Pretty much every nation had some medium-sized 105mm ish boi (~2.3), bitty 150mm ish ploomper (~1.7), and medium-sized 150mm ish doom gun (~5.7)

Italy serviced the American M44 SPH.

Yeah, C&P

If by C&P you mean copy and paste, no nation has the M44.

Yes, but its a USA vehicle and would then be C&P.

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I mean the idea of “copy and paste” exists when the vehicle already exists for another nation in-game. They could always give Italy their modified M44 without giving America theirs… but you’re right. They’ll most likely get it too.

I mean, AS90 too. That’d be welcomed from the British side of things. Mayhaps the FV3805 too for the older stuff?

For ref: FV3805 was an experimental SPH, mounting (iirc) a 5.5in Howitzer onto, if I remember, a Cent chassis. Given the “FV” designation I don’t think it made it to service.

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Yes, never entered service. It was a 5.5in howitzer mounted backwards (Archer style) in a casemate on a Centurion Mk III hull, firing HESH. Would be a funky premium IMO.

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The Abbot being a 105mm howitzer would be very different to the 152/155mm howitzers in-game. I personally think it’s reasonable for Gaijin to focus on getting 15cm bois before trying to work out the balance of 10cm SPGs. Similar to my original statement, it takes a lot more development work figuring out how to balance a new class of vehicle than just another turreted cold war 15cm SPG.

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I’d love that. So long as you look at it with the view that a kill is a bonus, not an expectation, it’d be funny