Why Gijin made the ammunition module for the MANPADS on 12412?

Why Gaijin made the ammunition module for the MANPADS on 12412. But still dont make it functional. what’s the meaning of this?

By the way, why Gaijin also made this sonar(I believe it is) in 11454 without write any description or explanation?


The missile storage is new, but the missile launcher has been modelled almost as long as the ship has been ingame. They did say in the RU devstream for update Hot Tracks that there are plans to make it functional sometime later, after all.

Last year in the devserver for update La Royale, the premium variant Pr. 12412P had this Xray text provided. Though, the launcher still wasn’t functional then.

Now that the Kondor 2 has introduced Strela to Naval, they’ll probably add such weapons to progressively more ships. These two corvettes will likely be among the first.

There 's not much the SONAR can be used for until they add submarines, so it 's not likely to receive an infotext at the moment. Consider it as evidence of future-proofing for mechanics not yet implemented, like the above MANPADS launchers were.

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I think it is far more likely that the designer of the X-ray just added it there to fill the space because it isn´t modeled as separate part from the model, doesn´t have collision model and also doesn´t have bone or anything. I really doubt that it is anything more then cosmetic filler.