Why GAIJIN has no plan for sub-distributing ammunition storage for all battleship?

In Issue Gaijin.net // Issues ,The administrator told me “There’s no plan for sub-distributing ammunition storage for all battleships for now.” Oh no GAIJIN, there is so much for you developers to do with naval battle,please tell me what your plans are for the naval battle mode in 2024. Don’t tell me that you will only release bigger and stronger battleships in the 5 versions in 2024.
Battleship naval battles do not need such a fast game pace. Please restore the above and underwater protection that battleships should have, prohibit the 100% hit mechanism of underwater armor-piercing shells, restore the resistance and movement mode of artillery shells in the water, and adjust the firing of anti-aircraft guns according to historical facts. mode, the current ship air defense is too powerful. During World War II, the air defense gun groups on the ship were not commanded by a single air defense command post. Rethink the map operation mode of the naval battle RB mode. The battleships fought against the guns and finally used PT boats to secretly seize the theater. Winning, this is more or less a joke, and if the battleships with 16-inch main guns still appear face to face at a distance of 10 kilometers at the beginning, then the armor of the battleships in this game will become useless paper and be ridiculed by all military enthusiasts.

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I don’t think AA guns are too powerful.In fact ,6.7 and 7.0 BB had difficuilty fighting against jet like f84 already ,especially those don’t have VT-HE shells.