Why F-4E Kurnass 2000

Why the F-4E Kurnass 2000 does not have a fox3

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The Kurnas 2000 was a ground attack focused modernization of the F-4E, and like the F-4E, lacked the wiring for ARH missiles


But derby doesn’t require ARH missiles

??? what




I agree. If USSR can get Yak-141 (Fictional) then so can Israel get Kurnass 2000. It had the A-12 Avenger radar, which should be able to fire AIM-120.

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never see the image of that Fox 3 on the kurnass 2000

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yet it had no hardpoints, software and was never even considered to carry such munitions

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You’ll probably have better chances with the prototype Super Kurnass getting the AIM-120 than the Kurnass 2000

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Right now the F-4E Kurnass 2000 is an OP 11.3.

Yak-141 is a real aircraft, and Kurnass 2000 is already in the game.

Wanting to make the Kurnass 2000 12.7 is a dumb idea.

if that thing is real and already in game, hope that Lavi and Israeli’s Super Phantom or F-4X is in the game too.


Why the F15C why not the F22

Because the F22 is massivley unrealistic and way better than anything in the game, ever.


F-35: “They don’t know… They don’t know cause they can’t see me.”

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Exactly, imagine trying to fight it, especially in Simulator.

F22 is better in air superiority no? And I know the 22 wasn’t upgraded much but it did get some impactful improvements

You add the 22 and it be usa vs usa cause that monster of an aircraft would just be op even if you nerf its stealth still be op in flight preformance

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