Why ERA can eat a dart?

Why do ERA blocks , most of the times found in Russian vehicles , are able to eat a APFSDS and that’s all . I’ve died many times because my dart can’t pen a breach because of an ERA and then proceed to die because every Russian dart pens me anywhere . I think this is unfair at some extent . I don’t think ERA can just block a dart and that’s that you know .

The answer is quite simple, it’s because ERA can work against APFSDS rounds as it is very much realistic in their ability to degrade APFSDS rounds.

They aren’t the only nation in-game to even have ERA with kinetic protection, as China does with the FY-4 and FY-5 ERA. Other nations IRL also have ERA which provide kinetic protection, a prominent example being Ukraine. I should also mention Sweden does as well in-game with the T 80U of course.

Most nations in-game however don’t have such ERA for different reasons, as in many cases when they have ERA equipped those ERA packages are intended to increase the chemical protection and are not always present on the vehicle unlike those tanks which do have ERA with KE protection. Its why you don’t always see Challenger 2’s in the TES configuration or the Abrams with TUSK, etc.


I believe he’s referring to ERA literally absorbing APFSDS rounds.
Like how fuel tanks used to do and maybe still do.


Yes that , I didn’t phrase my point correctly . But you’re spot on

Then you have cases of Gaijin refusing to model the KE protection of western NERA properly.

For example Challenger 2 ASPRO side armor tile shoulf be proof against 25mm APFSDS @ 500m impact angles ±30°. This is 30 degrees from front of the plate itself (facing the threat), not the vehicle it is mounted on. This was back in March, I have no idea if this has been fixed yet.


Well does it really make any difference if the shell wouldn’t penetrate armor after ERA

your presumption is that the ERA stops the APFSDS.
please know that NO ERA IN THE WORLD can stop any APFSDS (from a tank cannon).
ERA merely degrades a percentage value of the penetrative amount of the round.
it matters because ive shot side on (t-80 is perpendicular to me showing full broadside) and still faced this issue.
this is a bug. one that ever so conveniently works in favour of ERA vehicles (guess which nation has the most of them)

Which era and which round? from which angle? It is well documented that ukranian duplet can degrade the penetration of ofl 120 f1 by more than 90% so i would say that it completely eat it, and the 3bm42 only leaved 60 mm of residual pen at 100m flat on which is a 80-90% reduction.

Your claim is just wrong. Some era can in fact stop a lot of apfsds.

Some era can in fact stop a lot of apfsds

Even tho its not wrong. i think it would be correct to say that ERA doesnt stop APFSDS but reduce the penetration of the rod. Still can pen some small distance into the armor, but not fully pen it. Not sure if there is a ERA/Kontact that would fully stop dart that wouldnt even touch the front plate, if yes, i will gladly learn about it.

yes usually era degrades the penetration, but his claim is just false, and i was adressing that.

Yeah…and thanks to WT doenst have a “degrading armor” mechanic, i can see why he thinks ERA eats dart. If WT would have this kind of mechanic, technically, 20mm APFSDS belt fed autocannon could pen front plate of T-90 after certain amount of time.

it kinda does, external armor package does dissapear after some shots, like on the leopards, so in a way it does degrade, but how would you actually code a degrading armour effect? sure a 20 mm could pen a t90 but it does need to hit several times at or near to the same spot which is kinda hard to even happen.

I dont think we need a degrading armor as it would fuck the game even more. First what needs to be done is fix volumetric before any more mechanics being added


I believe what you are seeing is the ERA block being used (expended, detonated, however you want to call it) when the APFSDS hits it and then the ERA effects the APFSDS round and then the armor stops it completely after the ERA does it’s job. The model of the hit camera just makes it look like it just hit the ERA block and makes it seem like it stopped it without showing the interaction with the armor.

And even the Russian claimed numbers for Relikt-1 doesn’t even claim it’s enough to stop a HSTV-L cannon down to not pen the 80mm side armor, yet here we are

Relikt can almost entirely deflect 1980s 105mm ammunition, while significantly degrading the performance of current service subpenetrators.

Didn’t know that , thank you for the info .

Whilst what others have said is true. Shells like DM53 and L27A1 and a few others were designed to perforate ERA plates. Significantly increasing the amount of penetration those shells could achieve vs ERA blocks. But that is not a mechanic Gaijin currently models. So those rounds just cannot pen ERA

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