Why dose all u.s.a m76 m1 and m7

Although there both 76s one was a 3 inch a more powerful 76 it basically the same gun on early destroy which is crazy his has the same pen as the m1 76 but if u look at both sights m10 and the m4a2 the m10 gun has more velocity but less pen which is physically impossible if your using ap rounds or apcbc round. So pls fix this and dont u pull that bs with more pen=hight br

I’m speaking for everyone trying to read this topic, it doesn’t make sense. I legit can’t find out what you are trying to say, so please rephrase or edit the post to make it comprehensible.


First, the penetration is the same between both 76 mm cannons when using the same AP round.

Second, the M10’s sight seems to have more velocity but that is because the sight has less magnification. The actual velocity is the same.

What i was trying to say is the m7 is a ship gun while the m1 isn’t but they both have the same pen so how can that be

M7 is a ship gun the m1 isn’t so how do they have same pen

Even if that were the case (it isn’t, the 3 inch M7 is based on the 3 inch M1918 anti-aircraft cannon from WW1), how is it at all relevant? They fire the same AP projectiles at the same speed, there is nothing else to it.

Theoretically the 3 inch M7 could handle higher pressures and fire its AP rounds at a higher velocity, but it simply never did in US service.