Why dont the Challenger 2 series have their laser warning systems and more powerful engines?

I know the more modern Challenger 2 like the BN has it in-game, but the rest of the Challys don’t. In real life, they all have laser warning systems from the base Chally 2 to the OES, the most modern base Chally, ignoring the prototypes. Not to mention the OES also gets a 1500hp engine as well. I get some of these features are not in because of balancing, but that is a lame point to bring up as realism would top balancing issues, and balance accordingly after they make it realistic. Then again, we have a 2s38 in the game which does not actually exist so…

U what?
Hello Smin

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If you have source material to support these claims, please feel free to report them on the reporting site: Community Bug Reporting System

The Challengers have what they historically / do have in real life based on all information that we are able to obtaib. Unfortunately we cannot do anything with unsupported claims.