Why doesn't the panther F have FG1250 IR as a modification?

So, the panther F doesn’t have a cupola MG like every other panther variant, so why can’t it get FG1250 IR? Seems like a reasonable modification. The arguments against it saying it would be useless because it doesn’t see night battles would be completely pointless when things like the asu-85 has access to NVD. I think it’s time a panther other than the panther II get FG1250. Same could be said for the panther G.


uh asu-85 is a cold war vehicle is it not? thats why it has night vision

It will probably be a GE premium if it is included.

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My point was not based around era. I said night battles.

I wouldnt be opposed to that.

my bad, but what nightvision realy experimental during ww2 and horrible?