Why doesn't the M1A2 SEP V2 not have kinetic protection

You can clearly see the ceramic plates on the outside of the ERA and your telling me that they only have 5mm of protection?!?!?! while Russia’s ERA gets 200-250MM don’t you see how bias that is?!?!?!?


Chill man, it’s dev server so everything can change

I already made a bug report on this M1a2 SepV2 missing hull armor // Gaijin.net // Issues


Thanks man I’m getting sick of the Russian bias about to just quit the game…

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That went about as well as one may expect while TrickZZter still has power as a mod. He is screwing all of NATO no matter the common sense or hard documentation. He is what is wrong with Gaijin. It is like the mod who was in charge of Chinese vehicle bugs. We need him removed ASAP if we are to start improving the game…


I had a feeling he was going to close it like every other report. The guy is a total clown and a flaming commie.


It got reopened!

That’s very surprising move by him

The damage isnt even shown as being modeled with the multiple plates

Xray… hey look angled plates

Now if you shoot it no angled plates

Submitted this a while ago explaining its not shown as being modeled in the game when shot but the t80 is getting its multiple layers modeled when shot, so i dont thing the armor protection in the front is actually working. They closed it saying i needed to give reference material when its an issue with how its being implemented in the game.