Why doesn't the Ho-262 carry bombs

the Ho 262 is a bomber it should carry bombs who agrees

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What is the Ho-262?

If you mean the Ho-229, well the one in the game is V3 - which was the prototype for day fighter version which would have carried no bombs, and neither did the V3.

If you mean the Me-262 - there are a couple of variants that do carry bombs.

Oh and the Ho-229 was never going to be a bomber - Horten did make a proposal for a flying wing to meet the 1000x1000x1000 specification, and that was the Horten IX - but it was never built. Instead 2 cannon were added to the design, no provisions for bombs were made, and it became the Ho-229.

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Oh yes I did mean 229 thank you for info

To be honest with you.

Would it really be that much of a big deal if it gets bombs?

The Ho-229 V3 we have in-game already has ahistorical Junkers Jumo 004D engines for an acceleration buff it needed back in the day which the real V3 specifically never had and it’s not like we already have many aircraft and vehicles in-game with unhistorical stuff that were never used or equipped? (Ex: R2Y2 entirely, Sea Meteor guns, Yak-141 with IRST).

The Ho 229 V3 in War Thunder is still substantially nerfed for its ground attack capability by not having a full HVAP belt for the inaccurate 30mm Mk 103 guns that just spray everywhere even with cannon maintenance mod researched.

This image from (Horten Ho 229 Spirit of the Thuringia by Andrei Shepelev and Huib Ottens) shows an extremely detailed diagram of the Ho 229 V3 near the bottom with what clearly looks to be like an S.C. 1000 L2 bomb along with a fuel tank.


This part also mentions the planned possibility of the V3 using 2 x S.C. 500 bombs using ETC 503 attachment pylons.



2x 500kg or 1x 1000kg combined with the mk103s would make the 229 an excellent CAS aircraft, something Germany could really use at the BR.

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Because it isn’t Warhammer Thunder… not yet