Why doesn't Alpha have AGM65?

Raise the alpha to 10.0 or 10.3 and give it agm65 to it, thank you, please respect the truth.

Only late versions (those with cms and aim-9 capabilities) should receive then, an early one at 10.0 without flares or aams would suffer

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It was part of the ICE upgrade program. But it never was implemented.


That’s what I don’t get, this isn’t the only variant and later variants (hopefully) will be added later. I can’t wait to have a nimble cas jet with ccip for bombs and rockets at 9.0. Especially with how nimble it is as it seems pretty good for dog fights. Although I do hope they add its flares at least but then again that is also a later upgrade, but any jet above 9.0 needs flares to have fun.

Wouldnt even need to go that high, considering the BR of the Ayit

True, that thing is a menace but it’s also on an a4e frame. Can’t be pulling more than a couple gs before u have a major malfunction in your wing.

The Ayit is a undertiered monster, even more than the A-4E. Both for CAS and also acting as a fighter. Only problem is at very high speeds you need to be careful because its engine is too powerful for its own good.

I’m not disagreeing with you, far from it. I’m just saying I’m okay with getting an early variant of the alpha as now we can look forward to the newer ones with aams, flares and guided ordinance. But with that I would think a br of 10.0 at minimum as I’m pretty sure they either got 9g or 9ls.