Why Does USA Have a Vietnam Costal Boat?

Kim Qui - War Thunder Wiki
Operator Country: Republic of Vietnam Navy
Research Country: USA

Built in the USA, operated by a direct US ally/client-state, etc.


USA and Vietnam waged war.
Should be in Japanese tree.

Republic of Vietnam was South Vietnam, a US ally/ the side US was fighting on. Japan is the reason for the Viet Minh (who the US funded, lol), who became the Viet Cong- whom this boat was used against.


if it has this flag on it, it was South Vietnam, the US’s ally in the Vietnam war



Why is it always North Country sides US doesn’t ger along with?

in Asia, this is because North Vietnam and North Korea both directly bordered a major communist ally (China). Only exception to this was North Yemen and South Yemen, the South was Communist this time while the North, which bordered a more populated part of the US ally of Saudi Arabia, was an anti-Communist dictatorship

Even today’s Vietnam is a soft-ally of USA.

More specifically it’s a PGM-39 class gunboat, With the Kim Qui HQ 605 being originally the PGM-59 & was laid down by Martinac SB in Tacoma in 1963 & transferred to the South Vietnamese after launching.

Who else would it go to?

Its the same situation as to why the other Vietnamese vehicles is in the Chinese tree.

Phong Khong having its hull and possibly construction from China before being operated by Vietnam.

Idk where a future Vietnamese sub-tree or the like would go, but thats a seperate subject matter

it was given to Vietnam by the USA

Yes, the game is missing the great navy of China 😁