Why does this vehicle lock exist?

Why is there this vehicle lock in the game? forcing me to buy a previous vehicle, to move on to the next one?

You need to research the vehicle before it to be able to purchase the F-80. tbh I don’t even know how you researched the F-80 without researching the F-82.

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Yes, I understand the research part, but why do I need to buy it? I just want the F-80.
about unlocking the F80, I already have 5 tier 4 vehicles unlocked

Cause the vehicle isn’t unlocked until you purchase it. Its like making a blueprint and not producing it.

This doesn’t make much sense to me. I believe it should be optional, but anyway thanks for your time friend :)

He unlocked it before snail reworked lines " to make more sence" on lineup what you are unlocking. unfortunately when they make these reworks it always messes someones grind / unlocking line…


And I believe Gaijin should just give us all vehicles and make every premium free :^)

Of course, everyone has their own opinion. But looking from the other side, why am I forced to buy the f-82, to play with the f-80?
f-82 will never be used, I just spent SL for nothing on it.

Because that is the game.
Why do you have to research all the Vehicles even if you just want to play Top Tier? Why can’t a new player directly get an Abrams?
Because thats how it works.

I am always lost in the entitlement some people have that they want entire games to change to their liking because of their little inconvenience.

I understand that every vehicle needs to be researched. After all, that is the purpose of the game.

I didn’t ask for this to be removed from the game, I just asked why.

As I said. just an opinion