Why does the UK have the JAS39 in it's tech tree?

The UK tech tree randomly contains the JAS-39 and according to every source i’ve found, the UK owns no JAS39s, so why is it included?

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South Africa


Sub Tree
Mind Blown


It’s the SA version (former UK colony). However, the UK does operate Gripen - it belongs to the Empire Test Pilots’ School. Plus, the UK (BAE) also helped developed the export C variant.


The D though

Still a Gripen :)

In fairness, it should be it’s own tech tree ngl

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No… no where near enough vehicles.

A lot of British work went into the Gripen C;

And while the radar was built in Sweden it has its roots in the Ferranti Blue Vixen radar developed for the Sea Harrier FA.2


Nowwe wait for AMRAAMS so we can get our beautiful Harrier


C is not a Export variant.

…but an exported C variant.

Does this really matter?!?


İt does.

İts like saying F-16 block-50 is a Export variant just because other nations decided to buy it.

yeah gaijin lied about that as well.
the C model is a whole new aircraft and, while it is being exported(or was idc), its not “an export variant”

its like saying the Tranche 3A Eurofighter is an export variant because Kuwait decided to buy it lol


South Africa

Also, we do actually possess one in use with the ETPS

People that need to do some reading needs to do some reading.

South Africa ordered the C in 1999, first flown in 2000/2001, with the first full delivery in 2008.

In this time South Africa has found issues with the Gripen and worked with SAAB & BAE to resolve said issues, one of them being that the jet did not want to start in hot weather conditions - South Africa can easily reach temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius +.

South Africa currently operates 17 Gripen C & 9 Gripen D models.

The Swedish Air Force flew the Gripen C for the first time in 2004.

That said - the UK air tree has got nothing going for it and Gaijin could have added the ZA F1 AZ/CZ/BZ, the ZA Mirage III and the ZA Atlas Cheetah in the air tree.

Also, someone has noted that ZA does not have enough vehicles for a separate tech tree, which in fact, is not true.

ZA can bolster a line-up ranging from early WW2 right through to current day, with various lend-lease, captured, modified vehicles with the 300.000 men that served under the Union Jack in the North Africa campaign.

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“People that need to do some reading needs to do some reading.” That’s exactly!


Yeh, poorly worded.

… is better.

for the same reason there is a t80u and mi28 on the swedish tree