Why does the SMT have a +-90 degree azimuth radar?



make a bug report

Very nice find, it also has a lot of information regarding the radar that’s missing in-game.


This is a page from a study, I think it is less valid than multiple primary sources from the manufacturer.

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Which primary sources are quoting data for the Zhuk-M? All I see you posting is Zhuk-ME model stuff.

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Both of these refer to Zhuk-ME, not the Zhuk-M.

Isnt ME just a export name for M?
Even the report that brought it to the game says so

Same brochure has been used for previous reports, get one in for the azimuth limits.

To my understanding, Zhuk-ME was what was fitted onto the Mig-29SMT according to two different secondary sources.



I already wrote up a list of all that needs to be reported with the radar.

List of reports that are needed for Zhuk-ME radar:
Missing ACM mode
Missing air to ground modes
Incorrect azimuth coverage
Should provide intercept data for up to 4 targets
Ability to track 2 targets in air to ground modes
Missing synthetic aperture
Missing raid mode
Incorrect search zone
Incorrect radar model
Incorrect radar range in HPRF
Incorrect radar range in MPRF
Incorrect radar elevation


Just noticed that too, it can elevate alot more than it can depress.

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4.3.1. РЕЖИМЫ «ВОЗДУХ-ВОЗДУХ» Дальномерно-поисковый режим (ДПР)
БРЛС обнаруживает воздушные цели, летящие в свободном
пространстве и на фоне подстилающей поверхности в пределах
зон обзора по азимуту и углу места.
Диапазон частот – X. Количество литеров – 16.
Характеристики режима сканирования.
В БРЛС обеспечивается стабилизация зоны обзора
относительно горизонта при крене и тангаже самолета.
Число строк 2÷4.
Предельные углы сканирования луча антенны:
● по азимуту ±85º,
● по углу места +56º / -40º,
● по крену ± 120º.
Режимы сканирования :
● малая зона ϕа±10º (2 строки);
● средняя зона ϕа ±30º (4 строки), ϕа ±30º (2 строки);
● большая зона ϕа±60º (2 строки), ϕа ±60º (4 строки).


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Would a new report be suitable or would it be better to re-jig the old one with new/further info?

The aircraft in game has Zhuk-M tho

They are the same, even rosoboron uses them interchangeably

Zhuk-ME does not feature in the brochure at all until this point, the radar is always referred to as Zhuk-M on every aircraft. Seems they are interchangeable/the same.

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It is like that in game. We have +55 - 40. I guess it should be +56 - 40 as most sources posted here claim so