Why Does the RB99 in the Game Behave Like the AIM-120A Instead of the AIM-120B?

The RB99 is based on the AIM-120B, but in the game, it is behaving like the AIM-120A, which is incorrect. The main difference between the AIM-120A and the AIM-120B lies in the electronics and software. Introduced in the 90s, the AIM-120B has more advanced electronics, better tracking capabilities, and greater resistance to electronic countermeasures, offering overall superior performance. In contrast, the AIM-120A, as the initial version, has inferior tracking capabilities and resistance to interference. Therefore, the RB99, similar to the AIM-120B, should reflect these improvements in the game. I’m not sure if the G-force tolerance could also increase in the AIM-120B, as in the game it only supports 35G.

Another point to consider is that Swedish Gripens currently use the Meteor missile. Will this be implemented? As it stands, the best Gripen is the South African one, as it supports 40G instead of 35G. I won’t even get into the fact that the Russians are always overpowered, as everyone already knows. In War Thunder, Russia always has the best equipment and in the greatest quantity…

At this point the AIM-120A and B perform the same on the dev server, im sure gaijin will fix this eventually


AIM-120A and AIM-120B are the same thing in game