Why does the radar focus on a target both further and lower away?

I’ve never really bothered to learn how radars work. Majority of my games are basically holding W and hoping for the best, but I’m in interested trying to improve as SPAA player to counter CAS player having fun.

This is example. My theories are 2:

  1. Due to shooting too early while having lock, the radar still kept the same lock even after unlocking
  2. DUe to previous helicopter burning.

Both theories don’t really work however, because even before all that, the radar still focused on target further away, and that’s why I shot the second heli first. which was illogical, but you see how VT-1 behaves if you change target mid way so I didn’t bother.

If your radar is on and you simply click the lock button, it will lock whoever you have selected on your PPI.

It is possible that you may have been locking onto the wrong target, or due to being in IRST it simply locked the hotter target.

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Kamarov is 2 km closer, higher up, and also bigger profile.

Why isn’t it a priority for radar lock in first place?

I really gotta remember that radar target switch exists though

Because you have to set it yourself.

For ground vehicles, I keep radar controls on alt + num#, for aircraft it’s 7/8/9/0/-/=