Why does the PSN store get the pack sale but the XBOX store is not getting the pack sale?

Can we please get some clarification on why XBOX players are being left out of the sales that are currently going on? PC players and Playstation players are getting the sales but we are being singled out and not given the sale.


Gaijin dont like us.


simple, xbox sucks,
Playstation is the best

This isnt a discussion about playstation vs xbox so take your immature attempt at starting an argument someplace else.


lmao, looks like someone took a joke to the heart

(oh and it is a discussion of ps vs xbox, its literally in the title)

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Comprehension of words is the key in the title. It has nothing to do with Is pLaYSAtiOn BetTeR tHan xBoX DurRrRRr…

Same thing happened last year. No sales on XBox during the Anniversary Sale or the Christmas sale. Have been asking the same questions and no one from Gaijin will respond to the question.

Xbox is not getting pack sales again, ever. That is what I got out of grom’s message on another post and unless it changes(it won’t) we are stuck like this.

well thats just lame. I guess i will try to move it over to a pc account if i cant i guess ill just play another game.

I’m done with warthunder they don’t give a crap about the community and will never help us and will always keep us out of the sales which is why I’m uninstalling this garbage freaking game I don’t even care if I get banned for this

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