Why does the P-47-M have a higher minimum fuel then the D series, when they have the exact same fuel capacity

Like why?

I had a similar question regarding the last BP B7A2 - lower min fuel besides having the same fuel capacity:

I received an answer from an imho very smart player - claiming that the “fuel burn rate” is leading to differences in the min fuel values, despite having the same weight in kg.

As i am aware of that fuel efficiency withIn late P-47 models increased - leading to lower consumption even if providing and actual using more power, you might have an answer to your question…

But that would not make sense, because the P-47M has reduced range clean compared to the D-30 they were based on
According to joe baugher, the M had a range of 560 miles clean. Also according to him, the D-25 had a range of 950 miles clean. And the D 30 gets its extra power by reducing the critical altitude of the turbo

the key words were:

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Rate of fuel burn does not necessarily correlate to range. For example an aircraft may have a more efficient engine, but also more drag leading to it burning less fuel per second, but also having less range.

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Fair. But the P-47M has the same airframe as the D- 30, with a different engine and turbocharger

What about weight differences? Aerodynamics?

Aerodynamics are identical, It’s literally the same airframe. and according to the wiki, the M is two tons lighter at takeoff weight. The 57C should have a greater rate of fuel consumption when paired with the CH-5 turbo, because it needed the higher pressures to produce more power to go faster. Joe baugher did a good breakdown in it.

The time is based on mil power.
D-28 could have a lower fuel consumption at ferry/cruise speeds.

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thats probably the answer. Thanks.