Battle Pass vehicles: B7A2 (Homare 23) Ryusei


Will the camo ‘14th kōkūtai’ available for the TT B7A2 be applicable to this one?

And also could we get a nice wallpaper quality image for the silver camo?

Was it actually built?


Nice - let’s see how this slight increase will affect the actual performance.

In case you want to see 2 kills and a fatal crit leading to a 3rd kill in Air RB with maximum 800 kg bomb load (even with my potato aim due to use of joystick instead of mouse aim) - watch this:

Replay Frontline Kursk

I almost want to get this plane due to the grey camouflage alone…

Obviously it being an upgrade to the B7A2 helps.

I don´t really see the sense of this vehicle. Slightly different engine, no real difference in armament or looks = basically no collectors value.

And since we can already field a B7A2 it doesnt make much sense to take a second one into mixed or naval battles as planes of a similar class get severe spawn penalties.

In my eyes the weakest BP reward we´ve seen so far.

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You are looking from your point of view, others are looking from others. This plane is an all around good vehicle for people who didn’t touch Japanese flight tree. It can be CAS, it can do bombing missions or can hunt enemy bombers and even fighters occasionally. And it is also premium. Overall, good secondary reward.

Fully agree! Perfect multi role aircraft. But from my almost 300 plane losses in Air RB i estimate 200 deaths via bomber return fire. Usually a single hit sets you on fire and you burn to death…

The only disadvantage i noticed during the test drive was that they messed up something with the engine cooling - it overheats on WEP even above 6km on very cold maps.

If some of you want to use it as basebomber:
Have in mind that ur 800kg bomb produces just 0.429 tons of tnt. So even on 3 bases maps you wont kill a single (non-respawning) base. If u want to kill such a base u need to drop 9x60kg - despite the very low TNT output the “small bomb bonus” in wt kills the base.

Using it to kill 8 SPAGs, 2 4-engine bombers and 3 fighters in a single Air RB match and to win a sole survivor is possible - even in the slightly slower TT version:

I´m trying to look from an average player point of view here and I don´t think BP vehicles are a good choice for only having to offer to be of some little help to introduce some absolute new players to a tech tree, but we can agree to disagree.

Even those players, who have never touched the japanese plane tree before and now feel the urge to grind them could get the open techtree clone within a single days play. Smash a cheap talisman onto it when it´s at sale and you get away for like 2-3 €.

That´s not a lot to invest and support a game you like but that choice was a waste of a BP slot for a lot of players.

That requires spending money to a certain degree on the game, which some players don’t want to do or simply can’t do, even 2-3€.

The B7A2 (Homare 23) is the free BP reward, requiring you only to grind to level 51 to obtain it, and not pay a single cent. As a pleasant bonus it has slightly superior performance compared to the TT B7A2 while being at the same BR.

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Thank you for that - and i fully agree, the SL and RP multipliers are very good - compared with the TT version they are insane.

Rewards for killing a single plane:

2.394 SL + 170 RP ------ B7A2 - Tech Tree
5.348 SL + 338 RP ------ B7A2 - Battle Pass

Nice job!

In order to improve the game experience for “new” B7A2 pilots:

It would be great if your devs could check the engine presets of the BP version - the overheating with WEP is far worse compared to the TT plane.

This makes for me no sense for an air-cooled radial engine - so as the BP plane has more HP and is faster, the cooling should be better. But the main impact of WEP is to spray a water/alcohol mix into the cylinders - leading to cool down the engine, so from a pure logical pov the engine gets hotter on 100% and cooler with WEP at 110%…i am not an engineer but Gregs Aviation channel deals extensively in his Ki-84 vid with this specific Homare engine…

Another issue - you reduced for the BP vehicle the min fuel of the TT plane from roughly 90 minutes to 60 minutes, great. As this the BP variant has just another engine i hope you can reduce the min fuel for the TT variant too.

Last but not least - i found nothing on google that the B7A had no self sealing fuel tanks - maybe a fellow player able to read Japanese can give some info if this plane was fitted with them or not - thanks in advance!
Btw - my x-ray view is telling me the BP version has self sealing tank and the TT version not…But both have to habit to burn down like a dry tree…

Thx again and have a good one!

This depends heavily on the amount of extra work that is done by the engine when using WEP with water-methanol mix injection. If the manifold pressure and RPM difference between WEP and 100% does not increase substantially enough, then the engine will get colder. If there is a substantial increase, then it will get hotter.

Another thing is that not all planes has water-methanol mix. In a lot of planes, WEP works by simply making the engine work harder. Also, on the Homare engines, water-methanol mix is sprayed into the supercharger intake, not the engine cylinders, to cool down the air that is going into the engine.

Min fuel in game just equates to 30% of the maximum fuel load, and both B7A2s have the exact same amount of fuel that they can carry, a maximum of 1600 kg.

The B7A2 (Homare 23) has shows less time because it simply consumes more fuel, meaning that the same amount of fuel last less.

I really appreciate your post in general - so you are saying that the min fuel load in both planes have the same weight in kg? I have no access to these data mines via xbox…

Yes, they both have the same amount of fuel that they can carry.

Math and information

Here’s the weight values of the normal B7A2 with minimum fuel, full ammunition with default belts, and default loadout of ten 60 kg bombs. These values were obtained using the test drive FM tools.
“maxFuel” indicates the maximum amount of fuel that the plane can carry, “noFuel” is the weight of the plane as it currently is with all fuel removed, and “total” is just the current weight of the plane.
B7A2 weight

B7A2 (Homare 23) in the same conditions.
B7A2 (Homare 23) weight

Difference in weight is because the B7A2 (Homare 23) carries 126 kg of “nitro” (effectively the water-methanol mix) and 54 kg of oil (for cooling) while the normal B7A2 carries no “nitro” and 57 kg of oil, leading to a 123 kg difference. This slightly lower amount of oil might also be contributing to the B7A2 (Homare 23) overheating easier.

Using the values we can easily calculate the current fuel weight by simply subtracting “noFuel” from “total”, as seen here:
Fuel load calculation

As you can see it is 480 kg for both planes. It’s also very easy to check that this is 30% of the max fuel load given the “maxFuel” value of 1600 kg:
Fuel percentage calculation


Just wondering and not sure if mentioned before:

Just got this from the free BP, but you then have to BUY the ammo for this Premium? Is that a bug?

Currently all loadouts of bombs other than the basic one are required to be purchased, I do not think that is normal.

I wonder if you are aware of this @Stona_WT ?

This also happened with the Italian Bf109 F4 from the previous battlepass. You had to use silver lions to obtain all the load outs. I think this is just how Gaijin does it now. I agree with you, it doesn’t seem right, but it is a free vehicle, so I guess we can’t complain too much

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Ah, thank you. I wondered if it was a bug as seemed unusual.

How many battle(s) do you think it takes to refund the buying of ammo and bombs?

4 BP vehicles and 2 of them is planes!?

Hell yeah.

This is the plane of the previous BP who ends in a few day.