Why does the MIG-21 PFM not get R-3R's?

Recently i had a look at the MIG-21 PFM and saw that it didnt have any R-3R’s.Im just asking i dont play planes but i am planing to start grinding them by buying the MIG-21S , MIG-21 PFM or the SU-25K.

Out of the 3 Su-25 is probably best. The others don’t have flares.

Because mig-21pfm doesn’t have right radar to use R-3R.

But then why does the MIG-21S have R-3R’s while it has the same radar as the MIG-21 PFM aka the RP-21 Sapfir?Wasnt the MIG-21 PFM a test bed for the R-3R?

Possibly for balance reasons.

Ingame mig-21pfm has wrong radar.

As you can see it should have РП-21М radar. PFM used R-2-US missiles.

All MiG-21 in game have same c&p sapphire-21 radar

I dont speak russian but i guess you are right

The PFM in game is represented as a model around when the Kh-66 was just entering service, I think. (also all MiG-21s past 1968 should be able to use the Kh-66, which means just about every MiG-21 bar the F-13, but that’s separate) Hence it doesn’t get the extra hardpoints and R-3Rs, otherwise it would be a MiG-21S. It also can only get two hardpoints, as extra hardpoints were not introduced until the MiG-21S. It also should have a different radar, the RP-21SM compared to the MiG-21S’s RP-22, which means the R-3R shouldn’t work with the one on the PFM.
The MiG-21S, on the other hand, is actually a MiG-21SM (technically) because it has the R13-300 engine, but is missing the integrated gun and still carries a pod. But because it is an S it has the RP-22 radar which is compatible with the R-3R, and so can use them.