Why does the main italian low tier machine gun (Breda Mod. 38) reload so slowly?

despite it being a magazine fed machine gun, it’s reload is on par with the tier equivalent belt fed machine guns. The wiki notes 10.4 → 8.0s of reload times, the same as the M1919 or the BESA, while the far more similar Type 97 has 3.9 → 3.0s of reload. I feel like it definitely should be faster as it barely has any ammo and a few can’t even rotate on top of the turret, but i figured to ask first if there is a historical reason for it.


In my opinion it has a reload like this to put it “in line” with the other weapons of similar caliber in the game.

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I also always wondered about that.

Maybe you can start a suggestion to change the reload time for ground MGs based on some attributes to them.

Box Magazine → 3s
Pan Magazines → 5s
Belts → 8s

Or you could try a bug report comparing the reload time to other Box Magazin fed MGs in-game.


yeah it makes no sense.
Moreover, the Breda 38 had a mechanical system where, after firing the last cartridge,
the bolt remained open, so once the new magazine was put in place, the weapon was ready to fire immediately, without cocking the gun again.

it was quite a fast operation, a few seconds infact.

Anyone wants to open a ticket?