Why does the gaijin take so long to fix bugs in the top tier? T-90M

Doesn’t Gaijin care about the meta? I just acquired the T-90M, and the deaths I’m facing are easily attributed to these bugs. It feels like everyone knows exactly where to aim. I’m still using the stock setup; perhaps upgrading to NERA will help, but it’s still a disadvantage.

Shouldn’t the top tier be a priority?

Т-90М Fuel Tank Explosion// Gaijin.net // Issues

T90M Spall liner not working part 2 // Gaijin.net // Issues

T90M Spall liner not working // Gaijin.net // Issues

Probably going to be fixed next major update, just as some other things.
I know other vehicles usually get fixed without majors, but this is a lot of fixes to implement in small update.

Oh yeah definitly, gajin needs to fix all the Leopard bugs which are way more. Will be fun, russia will suffer even more

Don’t worry, Russian tanks are small and are always on the front line, while Leopards are camping.

Something that is ridiculous from my point of view, the death by fuel tank explosion is their mistake; NATO tanks don’t have fuel tank explosions! And the worst part is that this tank-related death affects the T90-M in most plays that require advancing.
Russia uses diesel tanks, which shouldn’t explode, but they end up exploding. And to make matters worse, the T-90M uses an external fuel tank, just like NATO tanks.