Why does the French Roland 1 SPAA have a rangefinder?

The French Roland 1 SPAA has a researchable Rangefinder - But why? As a misile slinging SPAA I can’t see any use for it.
The US XM975 with the same missiles doesn’t have a rangefinder.

Yeah these are useless modifications to bump up the spading cost.
The ozelot has a LRF but it only has stingers lol


because the Roland 1 & 3 can attack players (goofy ahh supposition)

Use it on helicopters to ping their LWR and make them crash.

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Idk how useful that is tbh

It’s better having it than not.

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It works in at least 20% times against ka-50

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Is that a laser rangefinder?

Is what a laser rangefinder?

It isn’t.

Irl - to determine optimal missile firing point and time to target intercept. It also improves aiming for collision type tracking which have a lower flight time, lower g requirement and better energy retention for the final phase intercept than relying on chasing the ball.

In game - probably little use as the play modes just aren’t set up for a standard semi-automatic launch mode where vehicles themselves detect, track and pick the targets leaving the player as a ‘man in the loop’ to simply press the hold/fire button when the computer asks yes/no? Instead you do it all and probably don’t intend on calculating precise 3d flight plans in your head during the engagement.

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This 100%, I just spam the laser on the $-50’s in ground sim, they all panic dump flares and do dumb moves and sometimes crash.

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