Why does the f8u have an objectively better flight performance than the f8e (other than snapping the wings more often)?

I’ve dog fought before in my f8e against f8u and couldn’t keep up at all, also i’ve been dealing with f8e’s and f8u’s in other planes and it’s impossible to keep out of the f8u’s nose while it’s significantly easier to make the f8e whiff the shot. Why does the f8u pull more AOA, retain more speed and turn tighter apart from having much better thrust weight ratio? Does it have something to do with f8e being heavier for the ground attack ordnance reinforcement?

F8E is heavier than F8U which is why the F8U is a better dogfighter than F8E.



Boi, imagine flagging and removing a post that states a simple doubt from a neutral point of view.

Air-to-Air Missile, radar and engine on F-8E better F8U-2 but heavy airframe