Why does the f4c and buccaneer have the option of counter measure only but no offensive weapons

maybe im not doing things right i have resently started back in air RB and i noticed beside the groossly over tiered buccaneer has the option of counter measure but no other weapons such as guns bombs or even rockets are a2a why is there as far as ii know the only perpous for something like this would be being a deversion but why no reward for doing this beside forcing the othe team to waste there ammo i mean that is a wonderful idea but no in game reward for such a think when im tryinfg to grind for another jet i cant live off team mates rewards same for the phonatom which is fast but with out counter measures it has issue with its armorment with ear aim 9 and 7 and at max 4 compared to the epic mig missle

Neither me could select both counter measure AND some weapons on buccaneer.

I don’t understand what is the meaning of flying buccaneer (and F-4C) equipped with flares only - no gun, no bombs, no rockets.

You’re supposed to make custom loadouts to carry the countermeasure pod with bombs and other weapons. If you own the Buccaneer there’s a button to Create custom loadouts at the bottom of the weapons menu
The single-stores presets are just examples

As for the other issues, they’re limitations of realism: Buccaneer never had guns in real life. F-4C utilised electronic countermeasure pods which aren’t a feature of the game yet, instead of decoy dispensers. USAF Phantoms didn’t have dispensers until the F-4D so to add them, the F-4C needs replacing wholesale.


You need to use the custom loadout option, there is a “create” button at the bottom of the loadout windows (when in the hanger) and you can build a loadout.


The Buc is a ground attacker/bomber. Not a dogfighter. It’s meant for dropping bombs on targets. ARB is simply not designed for that anymore. If you want something to bomb properly in that impacts the game outcome, I’d suggest playing SB

Thank you and @da12thmonkey it works.

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Yes I’m using it for bombing bases.

SB - I’ve read somewhere on this forum that SB means significantly lower points gains and longer duration of the battle.

On the other hand - it is very easy for buccaneer to be killed in ARB. Often with zero points gains (because of delayed spawn, more bombers than targets, battle ends few seconds before bombs hit target) so it’s frustrating.

SB is Simulator battles.

The controls are harder and you are forced to fly from within the cockpit. You also have no markers, so you have to visually identify both friends or foe. Or rely on radar IFF. So if you want a more immersive experience its best for that.

The reason SB tends to be the better gamemode for bombers is that its on much larger maps. 128km x 128km I think is the average map size. This means low level flight and avoiding the enemy team that is usually essential is actually possible. There are usually more bomb targets available as well, or if in doubt, you can just drop your bombs on the enemy airfield.

The games are often a lot longer, lasting up to 2 hours. But you can come and go as you please and still get rewards. The rewards are different though, and its based upon a system called Activity time. Complete useful actions and you gain activity time. THen you generate X amount of SL/Min. To respawn you pay for the repair cost in game. So for something like the Buc its about 18k I think, but that is easily generatable in a single sortie.

Bombing bases and ground targets also actually has an impact on the game outcome as well.

Yeah, Buc lost its air spawn over a year ago and has suffered ever since.

I know that SB is Simulator battles. Excuse my poor translation in previous post.

1 - 2 hours is too much for me. And it would probably mean slower researching of new vehicles which is already very slow.

You are not required to play for the full 2 hours. There is no set time requirement. You enter the game, pay for the spawn cost of your chosen aircraft (top tier its about 18k SLs) and you play for as long as you want. Everytime you die, you have to pay that spawn cost again, but if you quit in 5 minutes or 2 hours, you’ll get the full rewards you earnt during that time period. They just wont ocme in till the game has ended.

It depends on what aircraft you are using to research others. Something like the Buc, Jaguar, Tornado. I’d recommend SB. If you are in sonething that can turn fight, you may benefit from ARB. Some aircraft like the British Phantoms actually sit at 10.7 in SB, so are playable as they dont encounter the 12s

Thank you. I’m mostly using Buc, Canberra, Meteor, British F-4
EDIT: and English Electric Lightning