Why does the BF 110 G-4 not get a belt for the 20mm?

For some reason the 20mm on the G-4, the MG FF/M is stuck with a default belt, yet all the other planes with the FF/M get it, including other 110s.


Because it’s that musik gun or whatever it’s called not forward facing weapons. Idk why it doesn’t get a belt, but that’s why it doesn’t get one like the other 110’s. They face upwards and are extremely hard to use

I just noticed that as well, the G-4 has a weird setup with 2x 30mm and x 20mm + 2x 20mm for the schrage musik and then option for 2x 20mm more.

Still it’s a 20mm gun, difficult to use but not having a belt doesn’t help, being able to equip a stealth belt on it could have been fun.

Yeah. I researched it thinking it was all offensive then realized it wasn’t 😂

Yeah. I kinda wonder how it works in sim. It would be cool to have stealth belts too like you said

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More options is always better, it’s annoying when a game restricts you because they decide it’s not useful or something.
If you add a gun, add the belt, imo.

I mean it really isn’t that useful tbh. But that’s just me. But I haven’t used it a for a hot second. Maybe it’s useful in sim or if I could only face bombers that don’t have belly guns. It would also help if you didn’t have to worry quite as much about crashing if you are using them

That makes sense but the only thing that I could think of for why they wouldn’t have added it was because no one uses them that much or it didn’t have any other kind 🤷

But now I’m really interested in how it works in sim. But I don’t have my stuff set up nor do I know how to fly in sim very well. At least we’ll enough to use this 😂

Imho a bug - if you have read enough about “schraege musik” you might remember that most of the early conversions were field kits and used tracerless ammo only to keep the surprise effect - you find here and there biographies describing those attacks (without any tracers) and the difficulties for the ground crews to adjust the cannons and corresponding aiming devices…

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Would be nice if we could remove those schrage musik cannons to reduce the weight.

I don’t know if they actually add any weight, but the 110’s aren’t exactly high performance planes.

Probably better to toss the radar on it.


Historically, Schräge Musik guns were only loaded with Mineshells.

So technically there shouldn’t be an option for other rounds. Would be pointless anyway.

But in this case it’s definitely a bug.

Currently it’s also a mixture, so I guess it’s also not an attempt to be historical either.


Currently there’s also a bug where some guns will only use the default belt, regardless what you have selected. Could be a related issue.

In this case there just isn’t a belt option, it has no drop down menu and it also doesn’t have a belt to research, so it seems to just not be a thing.


Im also waiting for them to add the modification to switch to 15mm Mg 151/15.

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It’s been acknowledged at least… so now it’s any time between tomorrow and 2034 I guess.

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Yeah. ;-;

They acknowledged the issues for the Japanese Type 10 over 2 years ago… any day now…

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Acknowledged as suggestion, which probably means never.

Wish the community could just add features to the game were Gaijin doesn’t really want to spent their time on.

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