Why does the A4 skyhawk rips its wings so much

so i have been playing with the skyhawk a bit and i have realized that it rips its wings way too much, even with only 2 9Bs and min fuel fuel tank.

in real life the wing of the skyhawk was not only reinforced to be able to carry heavier loads but it was also built in 1 pice making the wing even strong, why is the war thunder a4 skyhawk model made so poorly?

here are some images of the assembly line showing how the wing was 1 pice

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How a wing is built is pretty much irrelevant - unless you are in a position to do some maths on the structure and loads you are just guessing.

IRL the A-4 generally had a 6G limit - eg see A-4 Skyhawk - Military Aircraft and https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/aircraft/a-4-specs.htm

Given that it is a small wing carrying a lot of load a relatively low limit makes perfect sense.


Pictures of the wing have no bearing on its G overload ratings.

You can bring max fuel or near max fuel to limit your planes performance.So it wouldn’t allow you to perform high G turns or maneuvers.It’s the easiest way to avoid breaking your wings.
Since A-4s lack afterburner bringing too much fuel can cause serious issues.It will severely limit your combat capability.
If your A4 can use gunpod then you can bring it instead of bringing more fuel.If you use a gunpod then you will rarely break your wings as it also reduces your jets performance but not as much as bringing max fuel.

What you just stated here is agaist physics.The heavier the plane is, the higher are the stress forces on the wing. For example if you are trying to level an airplane from a dive, the heavier the plane is, the harder are the forces on the wings. ;-)

Heavy plane means less maneuverability. If you cant turn then your wings wont break. It’s a easily way to limit an aircrafts performance.

But the stresses involved are still higher than at lower weights - aerobatic aircraft these days have a maximum weight for aerobatics that is lower than their maximum weight for normal ops because of this.

Most aerobatic aircraft can pull a shedload more G than their limit, so adding weight might slow their manoeuvring a bit, but they are still capable of getting to that G limit, and with more weight on board the limit happens with less manoeuvring than at lighter wights.