Why does pc not have the same ships as mobile

is it just me that finds it wierd that moblie and pc does’t have the same ships. Why is that?

Those are different games buddy


war thunder mobile and wt for pc is differnt games?
stil it would be nice to see those ships in pc naval

WT Mobile has fewer vehicles than WT, which is both a memory size consideration for it 's platform and an intentional choice to provide a shorter progression. It also skips the lowest capability-tiered vehicles from here, and does not divide vehicle progression by nation - only capability tier.

All that combined allows WTM to introduce vehicles, especially toptier naval ones, in advance of WT. The battleship Yamato is a good example of this, in this interview it was specified by Game Director Vyacheslav Bulannikov to be in the plans to add it in both games, though it would( and did ) appear in Mobile first.

It is reasonable to believe that the other naval vehicles which are currently WTM -only will also appear here in WT, though on a longer release schedule due to having fewer major updates per year and in consideration of having separately researchable nation techtrees to balance additions between.


A different game in term of gameplay and mechanic.
Naval Mobile have more simplifies gameplay, fewer player per match and different damage mechanic, and these can affect on how they decide to add vehicle to the game, to me, Naval Mobile is pretty much finalize on its gameplay and that’s why they’re moving on to missile ship and aircraft carrier.
While Naval PC still struggling with thousand problem to fix, map design, ship balancing and so on. Adding more ship like in Naval Mobile will create more problem but they’ll surely adding it one day.