Why does Novorossiysk have 135mm guns?

Title, the Giulio Cesare was never refit with 135mm guns, nor did the soviets even think to replace her 120mm guns with 135, only with 130mm guns they were working on

And even if this is intended as some sort of extremely fake refit that never went through, why does the statcard say 1953 and not project like for the Cavour planned refit in the italian tree?

Did gaijin do this on purpose or did they just mess up the introduction cuz we dont have the 120mm twin gun in the same 135mm mount as Cavour?


Upvote the bug report (not my) at Wrong secondary guns on the Russian battleship Novorossiysk.


Looks like it’s fixed in

  • Novorossiysk : 135 mm/45 O.T.O. Mod. 1937 cannon β†’ 120 mm/50 O.T.O. Mod.1933 cannon :
    • Completely different Weapons
    • On Ship Differences :
      • Horizontal Speed : 10 β†’ 20 Β°/s
      • Vertical Speed : 10 β†’ 20 Β°/s
      • Ammo Count : 150 β†’ 240

Wow, that went quick!

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