Why does gaijin hate the Merkava's

why does the armor of the merkava’s get so drasticly nerfed, to the point that its basically made out of cardboard???.
and when will the israel tech tree finally get a light tank, Israel has more than enough light tanks in its arsenal that could be easily added in to warthunder.

also, why is the merkava mk3d in the us “tree” and not in the israelian,
i get it it’s a event vehicle but damn its a israelian tank and it isnt like just a prototype
israel really needs a 11.0 tank to enforce the current 11.0 lineup that consists of only 2 vehicles atm.


That thing was implemented when israel was not even in the game.
People wanted to get the 3d for the US so the should logically keep it there

What the really need rn are light tanks. It is not like they do not have any.

This is what Israel needs :


Unmanned 30mm autocanon turret
Top ATGM launcher
APDS device