Why do the aim9l variant of the a10 ignore flares better than the later aim9l variant such as the one on f16?

Hey mantis, would you mind giving the replay’s so we can see what you see? While I side with the people saying both missiles are the same, I do want to check myself in case there is a difference.

There is no second AIM-9L that is used in game, these are the only all aspect AIM-9s in game that are used.


I know, And I hear you. I want to check for myself just incase. It’s not the first time the snail’s done random shit for no reason.

try showing us ur replay

Everyone stated the points I would.
9Ls are the same everywhere, go watch Defyn’s video on flares.

By the way, you wanted to stat-pull, so I went to Thunderskill : )

My Air RB stats (3.2k played matches)

Your stats (10k played matches)

Both of our efficiency levels of AIR RB are pretty close, yours being of 64%, mine of 62%. Considering I’ve been using vehicles new to me recently; and am having to change up my playstyle, it really shows a lot…

Also, I started with air battles; and moved to ground because I felt it suited me more, and for the most part, when I started, it did, but then I learned how to play Air RB, and enjoy it more, and almost have the entirety of Sweden air at this point, only 4 vehicles to go, one of which as 20k RP left before it’s done being researched.

Ah yes
The best american plane, the Aj37.

Just fly the F-5. Its stupidly easy to defeat any IR missile with it because of its cold fusion engine.


I think it might be because the soviets don’t have large flares yet.